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Silver Peaks Accounting Services offers a range of personalized accounting and financial planning services to meet the unique needs of your business.

Back Office Accounting

You are ready to outsource your accounting function if you are ready to feel confident in your numbers.  You are tired of accounting staff turnover or working with other firms that don’t understand the special needs of a law firm. You want to know you have a high-level finance professional on your team and go to bed at night knowing your accounting is accurate.


Partnering with us is like having an advisor and outsourced CFO, all wrapped up in one! Using our signature solution, “The Law Firm Wealth Maximizer”, you will go from confusion to clarity and be well on your way to building your kingdom!

What is a CFO/Advisor?

A Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) is a member of your executive management team that not only oversees the firm’s finances, but also acts as an advisor in running your firm like a business.

A CFO/Advisor also:

  • Interprets the story the numbers tell so firm owners can make more informed decisions and more readily achieve their goals.
  • Assists with defining (on paper!) the owners’ goals and creates and implements a strategy to achieve those goals.
  • Creates budgets and forecasts.
  • Creates and monitors firm specific key performance indicators to objectively track results.
  • Designs and oversees internal controls over the firm’s finances to reduce the risk of employee fraud.

CFO Packages

The Roundtable

This is for you if you are a go getter and committed to growing your law firm. You have BIG goals and want to improve but aren’t sure what steps to take to get there. You crave the advice, support and new ideas from fellow likeminded law firm owners. And of course, you are looking for advice to ensure your growth is in alignment with maximizing your wealth. Not your typical mastermind, Jessica’s leadership of this group ensures participants are making smart moves in their firm which are in alignment with her signature system “The Law Firm Wealth Maximizer”.


You’re a large firm and still growing but aren’t confident in your financial numbers. You are an expert at being a lawyer but don’t have the expertise or time to do the long-term planning you know your firm needs to reach the next level. You have BIG dreams but don’t know how your decisions may impact your firm finances. You want to feel confident that your accounting is accurate and know you are missing the high-level financial advice your successful firm needs. Your annual revenue is at least $1 million and climbing. You have started building your kingdom but want to conquer new lands, Ascension is for you!


Do you want to take control of your expenses and ensure your firm’s success? Look no further than our VIP Day program.

Our VIP Day program is a unique opportunity for law firm owners like you to gain clarity and control over your firm’s finances and growth.

My VIP Day is designed to leave you with: 

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