specializing in

helping law firm owners build their kingdoms into empires



specializing in

helping law firm owners build their kingdoms into empires

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Discover how to MAXIMIZE your law firm profit

without spending hours building complex money systems from scratch!

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Grow your law firm profit to maximize your wealth.

Law firm owners come to us when they decide they are ready to move to the next level with their firm finances, whether that is getting the accounting right once and for all or finally implementing a strategic financial plan to catapult their firm growth.

Through Advisory & Accounting service For Law Firms, we help you build a profitable law firm that helps you reach your personal wealth goals.

It’s time to stop worrying about whether your accounting is accurate, wondering when and how to make strategic decisions that you know you need to grow your firm and feeling like you are operating your firm wearing a blind fold when it comes to the finances. Instead, feel confident in your firm numbers, get the advice, have a PLAN for how you will reach your BIG goals, get the high-level financial advice you need and the support and new ideas from fellow like minded go getter law firm owners.

The Silver Peaks Philosophy Is Simple

When you know how to use the information in your financial reports to design a strategy that allows you to reach your wealth goals, you will be well on your way to building your kingdom into an empire.

Having worked in a CFO role herself, Jessica has helped many businesses design a financial strategy that serves as the foundation of the success they experience.

When you have the support you need to design a strategy that transforms your vision for maximum wealth building into practical steps, you complete the CONQUEST of new lands in your empire.

We Handle Your Financials So You Can Focus On Your Firm

Unlike other CPAs, we work ONLY with law firms. This means we know your specific challenges and exactly how to solve them.

Visit our services page or contact me to set up a free discovery call and learn more about how we can best meet your needs.

Jessica Gonifas, CPA at Max Law Conference 2022

Jessica Gonifas, CPA shared 3 steps on how to gain confidence to grow a law firm at Max Law Conference 2022.

Max Law Con is an annual conference that would become a catalyst for knowledgeable law firm owners and legal entrepreneurs around the world to build strategies, relationships, and expertise to accelerate their firms’ growth.


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