Let your financial statements guide you to optimal business decisions

Now that 2022 is up and running, business owners can expect to face a few challenges and tough choices as the year rolls along. No matter how busy things get, don’t forget about an easily accessible and highly informative resource that’s probably just a few clicks away: your financial statements. Assuming you follow U.S. Generally […]

How cash flow statements help experts find fraud

Many fraud investigations focus on financial statements. Because cash is the most commonly stolen business asset, fraud experts regularly scrutinize statements of cash flow for signs of misappropriation and fraudulent disbursements. If you suspect occupational fraud and request an investigation, here’s what the experts might find.   Unusual changes Your statement of cash flows shows […]

Protecting your company from cryptocurrency fraud

According to blockchain data company Chainalysis, cryptocurrency transactions associated with illegal activity topped $14 billion in 2021. That’s almost double 2020 numbers — and the momentum shows no signs of slowing. In addition to outright cryptocurrency theft, these crimes include investment fraud and ransomware scams that affect businesses. Yet cryptocurrency offers several advantages to entrepreneurs […]

Using B2B media to lengthen your marketing reach

Companies that sell products or services primarily to other businesses face a tough challenge when it comes to marketing. Your customers are likely well-versed and experienced in what they do, so you must not only persuade them to buy from you, but also communicate that you’re an expert in your industry or field. If you […]

4 ways to refine your cash flow forecasting

Run a business for any length of time and the importance of cash flow becomes abundantly clear. When payroll is due, bills are piling up and funds aren’t available, blood pressure tends to rise. For this reason, being able to accurately forecast cash flow is critical. Here are four ways to refine your approach: 1. […]

Use change management to brighten your company’s future

Businesses have had to grapple with unprecedented changes over the last couple years. Think of all the steps you’ve had to take to safeguard your employees from COVID-19, comply with government mandates and adjust to the economic impact of the pandemic. Now look ahead to the future — what further changes lie in store in […]

5 ways to strengthen the bridge between leadership and staff

Every employer, no matter its purpose, needs to establish a strong connection between leadership and staff. Any gulf between the two, even if it’s a small one, can inhibit productivity, diminish morale and make it harder to retain good employees. Here are five ways to strengthen the bridge between your organization’s leaders and the workers […]

Protect your business with a cybersecurity assessment

Years ago, it may have seemed like only government agencies with top-secret intel or wealthy international banks had to worry about hackers. Nowadays, even the smallest small business could see its reputation ruined by a data breach, while larger companies could have their sensitive data taken hostage in a ransomware attack that costs millions to […]

Is your business tracking website metrics?

In today’s data-driven world, business owners are constantly urged to track everything. And for good reason — having accurate, timely information displayed in an easy-to-understand format can allow you to spot trends, avoid risk and take advantage of opportunities. This includes your company’s website. Although social media drives so much of the conversation now when […]