Law Firm KPI Framework: Evaluating Firm Culture

As firm owners, we can sometimes cringe at the mention of company culture. Ask us to track productivity, and we jump right on board. Customer satisfaction is a no-brainer. But mention the culture and satisfaction of our employees and a little piece of us dies inside, I think for two reasons. Number one, we know deep down that we’re responsible for the company culture, good or bad. And number two, we’re not always sure how to improve that or how to even know it needs improving. 

Let’s take a look a how we evaluate company culture and why it matters to the success and profitability of your law firm. 


The KPI: Average Work Climate Satisfaction

Although culture itself can be hard to measure, one of the best ways is to track employee satisfaction in your firm to see how the culture is impacting employee experience. This gives you a good idea of whether your culture is healthy and will promote success in your firm. 


How to track it

Just like customer satisfaction, you’ll need to implement a satisfaction survey to track this KPI. Of course, employee responses are subjective but so is job satisfaction and that’s what we’re after. 

There are several different ways you can approach an employee survey, some more formal and some less so. It really depends on your needs and the size of your firm. The key is to collect good data and record it in a way that allows you to compare from one period to the next. 

Although the process of surveying employees can feel a bit risky, it’s actually very helpful. The simple fact that you’re asking (and that they know you actually care about their answers) has a positive impact on company culture and job satisfaction. Everyone wants to know they are heard.


Why it matters

Your people are your most important resource. Your firm’s productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability all come down to your people, and their performance relies on culture. You can’t reliably improve what you don’t measure. That’s why it’s so critical to track employee satisfaction to identify how different changes in your company impact the overall morale of your people. 

If you need help setting up systems to track your KPIs or knowing what to do with that information once you have it, give us a call. We’d love to discuss how your firm can grow and profit from working with the law firm accounting specialists.


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